Top 8 Best Travelling Apps

Without hesitation, I always take my phone when traveling.

~ it’s my cameraman ~ it’s my guidebook ~ it’s my communicator ~ it’s my navigator ~it’s my translator ~ It’s the cheesiest thing I have ever said, sorry

it’s my multi-functional tool able to multi-task on ten different apps while all I can think about is what I should eat next.

Below I have provided some phone apps I found worth downloading. Hopefully, they too make your travels run well and at all costs less stressful.

Note – all apps listed are free to download 😊


agoda  is an online travel agency that offers deals and accommodation services in major cities. Best to download the app as it offers more deals than on the website. I enjoyed using it as a reference to find hotels around the city.



hostelworld-logoHostelWorld – This is my favorite app. Highly recommend it for finding hostels around the world. Super user-friendly and convenient to use, especially when on the move. It accepts last-minute bookings too! Sometimes, I’d just show up without booking a room and was still able to grab a spot Simply search the city you plan to stay in and the results will list based on reviews or be shown on an interactive map. You can also filter by price, property type, and rating. I found their rating system very helpful in narrowing down my choices. Users can rate on value, security, location, staff, atmosphere, and cleanliness.

Couchsurfing Inc Is an online hospitality service that offers users to host travelers, couch surf at people’s homes, or simply to meet new people all for free! Immediate housing can be hard to find, so why not couch surf? It may take some time to navigate and learn all the features of this app. Try it out and see what you find when you search your own city.




Splitwise Some expenses just can’t be paid by everyone. Some expenses are different in currency.  Splitwise is the perfect app that can do all that dirty legwork.  Splitwise is also a great money management app for tracking expenses and splitting bills between a group of people. It saves you a lot of time! So, no need to keep those extra receipts. Splitwise gives you many options to help organize each group you create. I love that it gives you the options to either pay in small amounts or everything at once.  Each time a payment is either added or paid, the totals update. I discovered Splitwise four years ago when I went to Mexico with some friends. Everyone paid for something – drinks, food, pizza delivery, taxi, and more tequila. This app helped cut the hassle and track how much money everyone owed in the end.

Getting around

googlemapsGoogle Maps – Yes, it is an obvious one, no doubt, but it provides tools worth using to ease travels.  Navigating the city can be troublesome when the internet is a problem. GoogleMaps allows you to view maps offline. Simply select a specific area you wish to have saved and download it. Another great feature is the Save button. Find a sweet hidden gem? save it! You never know, you might revisit this gem another time. Want more tips on Google Maps? PopSci has 6 quick tricks for doing more with Google Maps.



Lonely_Planet.svgLonely Planet –  Lonely planet is a giant online traveling guidebook. Available both on the computer and as an app. Perfect to use when planning your next destination. You can even download the guidebook as a PDF when offline. The guide offers dozens of informative tips and insider knowledge on local attractions, restaurants, sights, articles, and top experiences.




TripItFree_Itinerary_01TripIt_icon_flat.pngTripIt is an organizer app that combines all your itineraries, reservations, tickets, hotel bookings, and activities all into one view. No need to hunt down for that plane ticket number in your inbox. TripIt provides all the tools to save any necessary details into one place. And it’s password protected! You can also forward all your confirmation emails from airlines, hotels, concerts, and car rental companies to and return it will import all necessary information and create a stress-free travel plan for you.



is a packing organizer that helps you make the ultimate packing list for your travels. PackPoint considers all the activities, weather forecast, and length of your travel to determine the best items you should pack. PackPoint will also take into consideration whether you have access to laundry service and if you are willing to repeat outfits. It uses activities to customize your packing list. It reminded me of things I didn’t even think of for my trip to South East Asia. For someone who is forgetful all the time, I find this app very useful.









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