About me


Hello, curious creature 🙂 I assume you’ve come here to find a little about the brunette backpacker.

My name is Kama. It rhymes with llama. I’m an ordinary Canadian girl currently living in Vancouver, BC.

When I’m not busy with school and work, I am out exploring BC’s mountains from bottom to top. And on days I need to rest, I go to music shows.

When the opportunity represents itself, I try to travel when I can! I wouldn’t call myself a traveler with a million bucks, but when my piggy bank is fatter than normal, I strive for a trip whenI can. Traveling to me comes in all shapes and sizes. I consider traveling to be anything that…

-requires me to go a distance

– requires me to pack my belongings

– and requires me to bring my camera

– requires me to plan.

I believe in using all the tools to save and try to earn a trip I deserve. There is always a solution to everything even when times are at its toughest.





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