Packing Your Daypack for Asia

For most of your travels, you practically live out of your main backpack. The same rule applies during the day when you’re venturing around. I try to pack all items I need to survive day and night. I rather have everything in my day pack than to go back to my hostel and grab my silly... Continue Reading →


Packing for South East Asia

This is my ultimate packing list for Southeast Asia, a place known for its humid hot weather and drastic changes from south to north. I found it both easy and difficult to pack for my trip. South Vietnam and Cambodia are known for their hot climate. It regularly hit 36 degrees. The further I went north,... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Best Travelling Apps

Without hesitation, I always take my phone when traveling. ~ it’s my cameraman ~ it’s my guidebook ~ it’s my communicator ~ it’s my navigator ~it’s my translator ~ It's the cheesiest thing I have ever said, sorry it’s my multi-functional tool able to multi-task on ten different apps while all I can think about is... Continue Reading →

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