Cat Ba Island

One of my favorite destinations on my SEA trip is Cat Ba Island. Cat Ba is one of the biggest islands in Halong Bay located east of Vietnam. This island is perfect for all outdoor activities such as climbing, swimming, hiking, and simply adventuring. For an outdoor enthusiast back at home, I absolutely fell in... Continue Reading →


Packing Your Daypack for Asia

For most of your travels, you practically live out of your main backpack. The same rule applies during the day when you’re venturing around. I try to pack all items I need to survive day and night. I rather have everything in my day pack than to go back to my hostel and grab my silly... Continue Reading →

Getting Around in Cambodia

Besides being known for its hot climate, Cambodia’s roads are filled with complete madness. Nothing wrong with a little road-frenzy, in fact, it’s kind of beautiful seeing an outbreak of scooters and tuk-tuk drivers making their own route down the road. Jaywalk with caution! Most of the time, people will not conform to any rules... Continue Reading →

Packing for South East Asia

This is my ultimate packing list for Southeast Asia, a place known for its humid hot weather and drastic changes from south to north. I found it both easy and difficult to pack for my trip. South Vietnam and Cambodia are known for their hot climate. It regularly hit 36 degrees. The further I went north,... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Best Travelling Apps

Without hesitation, I always take my phone when traveling. ~ it’s my cameraman ~ it’s my guidebook ~ it’s my communicator ~ it’s my navigator ~it’s my translator ~ It's the cheesiest thing I have ever said, sorry it’s my multi-functional tool able to multi-task on ten different apps while all I can think about is... Continue Reading →

Five years ago, the furthest I traveled to was Europe and that alone lacked freedom since it was a family trip. Last Month, I had the chance to backpack to South East Asia. I only had 28 days to travel with my boyfriend through Cambodia and Vietnam. It was a short trip and it went... Continue Reading →

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